Professional Payroll (Includes Forms for 1 State w/MICR)



AME “ Professional Payroll” is the perfect user friendly payroll solution for small and medium size businesses to create and print checks for Gross to Net, After the Fact and Net to Gross entries. It includes the tax tables for federal and 50 states taxes along with most federal & state forms.

AME Payroll Features

  • Includes quarterly state form(s) for one state.
  • Compute pay Gross to Net, Net to Gross and/or After-the-Fact entries.
  • Calculates federal, state and local taxes.
  • Handles deferred/pre-tax transactions i.e. 401K, Simple IRA.
  • Handles After Tax Miscellaneous deductions.
  • Handles Cash, Charged or Allocated Tips. MICR Check Printing.
  • MICR Check Printing.
  • Unlimited number of pay types and rates.
  • Unlimited number of companies.
  • Unlimited number of departments.
  • Unlimited number of pre-tax (deferred) deductions.
  • Unlimited number of After Tax (Miscellaneous) deductions
  • A Quick Payroll Entry option.
  • Ability to customize taxation for all types of pay.
  • Track Accrued, used and available vacation and/or sick time by pay date.
  • Timecard hourly calculations.
  • Reporting by Department.
  • Multiple-State processing and reporting.
  • Approved Laser Generated W2, W3, 941, 940, 943 944 and most state forms.
  • Worker’s Compensation liability report.
  • Ability to generate 1099 miscellaneous forms.
  • Print employee mailing labels.
  • Purge terminated employees.
  • Post payroll to the General Ledger as needed.
  • Business Consolidation Function.
  • Backup capability
  • Copy and/or Rename companies

Reports Available

  • Payroll Journal
  • Payroll Register                      
  • Employee Time Sheet 
  • Earnings Report                      
  • Tips Credit Report  
  • Pre-Tax Transactions            
  • Vacation & Sick leave Accruals
  • EFTPS Report                          
  • Worker’s Comp Report 
  • Local Tax Reports                   
  • Customized Reports
  • Check Register

Forms Available

  • Federal 941, 943,940 and 944
  • W-2 and W-3
  • 1099 Miscellaneous
  • Most State Quarterly Reports (one state’s forms are included) 

Additional Modules Available

  • Direct Deposit
  • E-Filing for W-2s, 1099 and some state quarterly reports
  • PDF Converter
  • Client Entry