AME Transmittal Services

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The Transmittal Service for electronically submitting IRS Forms 940 and 941 and CA Forms DE9 and DE9C is available to all AME Customers. The fees for this service are included and the Enrollment Agreement must be completed, signed and on file with AME before any file will be submitted.

Enrollment with the IRS is required to electronically send 94x forms. This process can take 4-6 weeks. An IRS 8655 form signed by each of your clients and a Reporting Agent’s List must be processed with the IRS and a Reporting Agent’s PIN must be obtained from the IRS prior to submitting any 940 or 941 forms. Please call AME for IRS required forms.

CA EDD does not require any enrollment or registration to transmit DE9 and DE9C forms.

AME transmits at 10am and 3pm PST, Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) during the month following the end of each quarter. Any files received after 3pm PST will be submitted on the next business day.

AME cannot be held liable for late filing of any form when this requirement is not met.

Once files have been successfully transmitted, AME Customers will receive a report which will include Company Name, File Type (i.e. 941, DE9, etc) EIN#, Acknowledgement ID#, Date and Time file was transmitted, Status and error descriptions if applicable.

AME Customers are only charged for those files that have an “Accepted” status.



Total Number of Forms Transmitted During QuarterFee Per Form
51-100$3.00 **
101-250$2.00 **
251-500$1.25 **
Over 501$700 flat per qtr **

**Must submit forms in batches of 10+ or will be billed at higher rate.

There is a 2 form minimum per quarter for this service.
There are no trial periods for this service.
Prices subject to change without notice.
AME reserves the right to suspend this service for nonpayment of prior quarter.

If you are not currently enrolled in this service, please download, print and complete the AME Transmittal Services Agreement below. Fax or email the completed form to (760)738-0834 or

Once you are entered into the system, you will receive an email from AME with further instructions.

AME Transmittal Services Agreement

Transmittal Service Program Download:

AME Transmittal Service Instructions to Download & Print:

3.0 Transmittal Services


If there are any adjustments for fractions of cents on the 941, they also must be changed on the total liability in Section 16 or the total on the Schedule B.

Line 12 must match the total in Section 16 or the toal on the Schedule B.

In Order to make changes on the 941 form in 3.0... PUSH CTRL and M on your Keyboard at the same time to Modify the document.

Be sure to print the form after any changes in order to process for the Transmittal.

Instructions 941 and 940

Instructions DE9 and DE9C

**Please refer to Service Agreement for filing deadline times**

Thank you for your patience in this trying time!

-Ame Support Team

Useful Tips for a successful quarter filing

1. Be sure you are using the most recent version of the AME Payroll Program as well as the Transmittal Services Module.
2. Print out a Company List from “Utilities” located on the first screen of the AME Program 
     a. Use it to compare with Acknowledgements you receive from AME 
3. Print out instructions 
4. Be sure to print out hard copy of all forms from AME Program prior to filing. 
5. Be sure there is no Special Characters in any Business Name, Address, Employee Name. 
6. Be sure there are no extra spaces in all Business Names, Addresses, City and Zip Codes. 
7. Make sure all necessary boxes are checked on forms.