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Full Package (Includes Payroll, GL, AP & AR w/MICR)



This very user-friendly Full Accounting Package provides all the tools needed to maintain accurate records for financial management and payroll processing. It has professional report capabilities for general accounting requirements and Federal and State payroll processing.

AME GENERAL LEDGER (Partial overview)


  • Auto Setup Wizard aid for setting up new accounts.
  • Seven preset Chart of Accounts or create your own.
  • Unlimited number of Vendors.
  • Journals
  • Unlimited number of Departments.
  • Recurring Entries.
  • Bank Reconciliations.
  • Creating and printing Form 1099.
  • Fixed Assets & Straight-Line Depreciation.
  • Yearly &/or Monthly Budgets.
  • Posting capability from other AME Modules


  •  Income Statement, Comparative Income Statement, 12  Month Income Statement, Budget Comparative Income Statement.
  • Balance Sheet, Comparative Balance Sheet.
  • General Ledger Report (transaction detail).
  • Check Register.
  • Cash Receipts Report.
  • Account Activity Report.
  • Asset Depreciation Repot.
  • Vendor Activity and Vendor Ledger Reports.

AME PAYROLL (Partial overview)

FEATURES (abbreviated overview)

  • Includes quarterly state form(s) for one state.
  • Compute pay Gross to Net, Net to Gross and/or After-the-Fact entries.
  • Calculates federal, state and local taxes.
  • Handles deferred/pre-tax transactions i.e. 401K, Simple IRA.
  • Handles After Tax Miscellaneous deductions.
  • Handles Cash, Charged or Allocated Tips. MICR Check Printing.
  • MICR Check Printing.
  • Unlimited number of pay types and rates, departments, deferred and miscellaneous deductions..
  • Unlimited number of companies.
  • A Quick Payroll Entry option.
  • Multiple-State processing and reporting.
  • Ability to generate 1099 miscellaneous forms.
  • Post payroll to the General Ledger as needed.
  • Networking capabilities.


  • Payroll Journal                         
  • Check Register
  • Employee Time Sheet
  • Payroll Register                       
  • Earnings Report                       
  • Pre-Tax Transactions             
  • EFTPS Report                           
  • Local Tax Reports                


  • Federal 941, 943,940 and 944
  • W-2 and W-3
  • 1099 Miscellaneous
  • Most State Quarterly Reports (one state’s forms are included)



  • Unlimited Customers.
  • Unlimited Sales Items.
  • Multiple “Ship-to” addresses per customer.
  • Unlimited number of Sales Tax Codes and Rates.
  • Create and Print Invoices.
  • Print Statements.
  • Calculate Late Fees.
  • Create Recurring Charges.
  • Manage Customer Credit limit.
  • Set Payment Terms and Conditions.
  • Customize Taxation for Customers and/or Sales Items.
  • Service or Sales Invoice formats.
  • Purge Invoices.
  • Seamless integration with the General Ledger on Either Cash or Accrual basis.
  • Track Customer Deposits and Credit Balances.
  • Flexible Aging Intervals.


  • Customer Inquiry Report
  • Aging Report
  • Sales Report by Customer
  • Sales Report by Sales Item
  • Sales Tax Report
  • Credit Balance Report
  • Payments Report
  • Salesperson Report
  • Activity History Report
  •  Purchase Order Report



  • Unlimited Vendors Unlimited Departments.
  • Unlimited Departments.
  • Add Vendors on-the-fly.
  • Set-up Vendor “Terms” to calculate Due Dates.
  • Calculate Discounts.
  • Recurring AP entries.
  • Make partial payments.
  • Purge Payable Entries.
  • Post to the GL on an Accrual or Cash Basis.
  • Numerous reports for ease of determining data as needed.


  • Payables Aging Report.
  • Payables Projection Report.
  • Check Register.
  • A/P History report by selected date range.
  • As-of- Date Payables report.
  • As-of-Date Vendor History report.

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition)


  • gives you the ability to print the entire check (company, bank, payee and MICR encoded line) on blank check stock. The same blank check stock can be used for an unlimited number of companies or multiple checking accounts. This is much less costly than using preprinted checks and the liability of keeping pre-printed check stock on hand is eliminated.

NOTE: Some banks require MICR Toner for your “check” printer which allows the bank to accurately scan and process the MICR encoding on the check.


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