AME Payroll Program Facts and FAQ

AME payroll software is a complete payroll package that allows you to compute live payroll gross to net using federal and state tax tables that are built into the program, enter after-the-fact payroll, or compute a net to gross entry. The program will laser-generate the entire W2, W3, 940, 941, 943 and 944 forms on plain paper that are accepted by the Government.

State Unemployment quarterlies can be run in Report Format (you manually transfer the data to the preprinted form), Overlay (overlays the data in the appropriate boxes of the preprinted form), or laser-generated for most states

All windows program updates are made available for downloading from our Internet website approximately every two weeks. We recommend you check the website regularly to ensure you are using the most current version. (It is important that you notify us immediately to receive your updates by mail if you do not have Internet capability.)

Windows AME Accounting System Requirements

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
1GHz (or higher) Processor
512MB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space
Laser or DeskJet Printer

How many companies can I set up in AME Payroll?

AME Payroll (Pro) supports unlimited number of businesses. The business ID can be alphabetic and/or numeric up to 8 characters in length. The number of employees within a company is unlimited.

Can AME Payroll handle multiple states?

Yes. The program supports all states and the District of Columbia. You can run multiple states within one company.

Can AME Products run on a network?

Yes. The program is network compatible. However it is your responsibility to set it up on your network.

Can AME Payroll handle Deferred Compensation (Pre-Tax) Deduction Plans?

Yes. You may add 401(k), Simple IRA or cafeteria plans as you wish. There's also no limit on the number of pre-tax deductions that you can set up.

Can AME Payroll handle tipped income?

Yes. It handles cash, charged and allocated tips.

Can AME Payroll be departmentalized?

Yes. A payroll can be departmentalized and will produce reports for each department including a consolidated report for all departments.

Will payroll data carry from one year to the next?

Yes. Business and Employee information files will remain in the data directory from year to year. Payroll records are date activated, and a new calendar year file is automatically created when you make the first payroll entry of each year. Therefore, year end close out is not necessary. Prior year information can be accessed and reprinted at any time.

Do you have a Demo Program?

For live online demo go to "Services".

Can I print checks from AME Payroll?

Yes. The default for pre-printed checks using a laser or jet printer is the 8-1/2" x 11", 3-Part, Stub/Check/Stub format, (i.e., Employee stub on top, check in the middle, Employer stub on bottom). If alignment is needed you can send us an original voided check and we will program it for you. If the preprinted check layout is completely different, we require an original to determine whether or not it can be programmed.

Can I print the entire check on blank check stock?

Yes. AME has a MICR option that allows you to print the entire check on blank check stock, including the MICR line read by the bank. This module is free and requires a laser printer and a special MICR toner cartridge may be required for the printer. To obtain a price quote for the toner cartridge, contact "Laser Saver" at 1-800-801-5273. They will need the make and model of your laser printer. To obtain a price quote for either preprinted or blank MICR check stock, please contact "Safeguard" at 1-760-321-9959.

Does AME Payroll produce a report that lists pay for all employees and all of the associated payroll costs for the employer?

Yes. The Payroll Register shows each employee's check detail, the Employers Expenses, the Employee Deductions, Total Net Payroll, Total Payroll Cost, Total Federal Deposit and Total State Deposit. The Payroll Journal shows each employee's current period, current quarter-to-date and year-to-date payroll period earnings; Totals for all employees; The amount of wages subject to the various Federal and State Taxes; and The Estimated Taxes (less taxes paid) with the balance due, if any. All payroll reports can be run for any range of dates within a calendar year.

Can I load the program on multiple computers?

Yes. AME can be loaded on up to 3 computers. More than 3 stand-alone computers or computers connected to a network may be subject to an additional charge for licensing and technical support.

Is AME Software compatible with Macintosh?

No. AME is a window-based software only, at this time.

What is the difference between Professional products and Small Business products?

Small Business is limited to 6 companies and 20 employees and does not include state forms and some federal forms. Please call 1-(800)-263-9455 for more information.

How to Backup & Restore Company Data?

To Backup your data:
1. Click on the “Backup” Button located on the first screen of the AME Program
2. Select which Companies to Backup
3. Click on “Backup”
4. The “Select Backup File” Screen will appear
5. “datazip.ame” is the default name of the backup file. You may change the name; i.e. date or company; however, do not change the extension of “.ame”
6. Change the location of where the file will be saved. The Backup File defaults to Ame 2.0\data folder. It is recommended to save the Backup to a removable storage device; i.e. Flash Drive or External Hard Drive.
7. Click “Save”.

To Restore data from a backup:
1. Click on “Restore” Button located on the first screen of the AME Program
2. Find the datazip.ame file saved from the backup procedure
3. Click “Open”
4. Select which companies you would like to Restore
5. Click on “Restore”

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